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The Ultimate Customised Linen Ordering Service

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Sometimes it's a bit confusing trying to decide what linen to buy. Or you're looking for a very unique gift. You could perhaps do with some advice.

Perhaps you're not sure about fabric or you don't know the difference between etamine or damask. Or perhaps you just need to chat through your ideas.

Or perhaps we don't list the size or shape you want.

Not a problem. Just email us and we'll tell you if we can help. Or call us on (UK) +44 (0)2892 668968.

Our suppliers are incredibly well connected. Plus we have a team of skilled fabric finishers at our disposal. Fancy an especially big round tablecloth that we don't list? Don't worry - we can almost certainly help.

We can also source other fabrics.

Once we have discussed your needs we will then prepare a custom order just for you. Then you can simply review this, pop it straight in your basket, and leave the rest to us. 

Custom orders from - a unique service for your unique needs.  

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Linenblue goes live

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Linenblue is now open for business. Offering a greater variety of Irish Linen and 100% flax linen products than any other site Linenblue is the best place to shop online for linen. We ship across the globe and can process payments via all popular credit cards and PayPal.
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Linenblue to launch in September 2012

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Linenblue, the new eCommerce site dedicated to the world's finest linen, will be launching in September 2012.
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