8 Reasons to Love Linen Sheets

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8 Reasons to Love Linen Sheets

8 Reasons to Love Linen Sheets

We enjoyed this post and discussion on Hubpages about the merits of real linen bedding...

"The reasons to love pure linen, as the fabric choice, for sheets and pillowcases is because they offer a number of health benefits. Unfortunately, we have moved away from this natural product to synthetics and various blends. But, fortunately, what is old in bedding is becoming new once again."

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We make linen sheets, duvet covers and pillow-cases. These are made from either finest Irish Linen or Belgian Linen in 1100 thread count or 1400 fine linen. We can finish with punched-hole hem stitch or double row cord stitching in any colour (including gold - very popular with our customers in the USA). We can also embroider family monograms onto the bedding if required. This is the finest 100% flax linen that money can buy.

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