Finest Linen Pillowcases - 1100 Quality

Finest Linen Pillowcases - 1100 Quality

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1100 thread-count fine linen pillowcases. The high thread count means that our bedding has a wonderfully luxurious feel. No bed linen has the luxurious quality of fine linen - and it lasts for years. You'll wonder how you ever slept in cotton bedding when you have experienced finest linen. For the ultimate luxury try our 1400 thread count pillowcases - made from the finest Belgian linen. These are pillowcases for kings and queens (literally - our supplier makes linen bedding for some of Europe's most noble families). All fine linen bedding is made to order so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We will keep you fully informed of the status of your order and will include shipping insurance at no extra cost in all orders. We'll ship free anywhere in the world.

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Size Small 20x30 Inch/51x77cm
Stitch Hem Stitch


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Duvet Covers - 1400 Thread Count Belgian Linen Duvet Covers - 1400 Thread Count Belgian Linen
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