Green Man Tea Towel

Green Man Tea Towel

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The Green Man is a motif found in many cultures around the world. The representation of a face surrounded by or made of leaves; it is interpreted primarily as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. Perhaps a fertility God, the beneficent spirit of vegetation or a tree spirit, the Green Man motif was still being built into European churches even after 1,000 years of Christianity. Here the artist has depicted the Green Man as the centre of the life cycle of the Oak tree. Oak was a sacred tree for the Celts, thought to have special powers and to serve as the abode of the fairies. In reality the oak tree supports more insect, bird and animal life than any other. The Dagda, the powerful God of Celtic tradition, is likened to the oak, never failing to give hospitality to all who asked for it.

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